My Story: 

Simply Sarah Nicole actually began back when I was seven years old. Well, sort of. I've always had a passion for creativity and from an early age I have been looking for ways to express it. Throughout the years it has changed as I've explored many creative outlets. From making bracelets/necklaces for my family, to designing and sewing outfits for my American Girl Dolls, to blogging, and photography, I've had my hand in a fair share of hobbies! 

Fast forward to the spring of 2020 and I was out of a job, my summer internship before senior year of college was cancelled due to Covid-19 and I had very little money to my name. I was going through a pretty rough patch mentally and emotionally. After learning how to make clay earrings from a friend, I decided to try it out for myself as a way to pass the seemingly copious amount of time I all of a sudden had on my hands. So, I purchased a few blocks of clay and some simple cutters from Hobby Lobby and started playing around with what I was able to make. I sold to some family and friends over the summer through social media and felt like this hobby actually had a little bit of momentum behind it. After returning to Iowa State in the fall for my senior year, I started selling at the Ames Mainstreet Farmers' Market every Saturday for the fall season. I was absolutely blown away by the amount of people that were interested in my product. After a shockingly great farmers' market season I decided I wanted to continue to grow my little business and began reaching out to stores.

Fast forward to now and I feel so incredibly blessed to be running this business full-time and it has been so amazing to see God's provision in the midst of it all. In 2021 I was able to work with 15+ new stores, be a weekly vendor at the Ames Farmers' Market, participate in a few larger markets, and create so many amazing connections with people. Learning what all goes into running a small business has had some pretty low points where the learning curve felt more like a mountain but with each day I am learning to face the challenges and to trust in God's timing. Overall I'm so thankful for this business and I absolutley couldn't do it without all of the support of customers and the small business owners who have invested in my own small business so thank you to every one who has supported me along the way!

P.S.: I'll be making the transition from Iowa to Florida at the end of 2022! I'm so excited for this new adventure!